my name is Jennelle. I live for adventures + documenting them.

When I'm not taking pictures, I'm traveling the world (Southeast Asia is my favorite), riding my dirt bike, scuba diving, hiking, sleeping, or watching movies with my husband. I feel most like myself during the quiet moments outdoors surrounded by the beauty that we've been blessed with. 

I've been a photographer for a total of 11 years! I started in the fashion industry and eventually converted over to weddings.

I got married in June 2016 to the very best man. Together, we have a dog son (Kody) and a pet tarantula (i know, i know... but I swear he's like a pet rock) named velcro.

I'm a huge animal lover and want to own goats, alpacas, chickens, and a raccoon one day.

I'd choose mountains and forests over a beach anyday. however, I won't turn down a beach elopement because I can't deny their beauty in photos.

I'm laid back, flexible & always true to myself.

I'm so excited to be your friend!

The Short Version:
Christ-Follower, Wife, Dog + Tarantula Mom, World Traveler, Adrenaline Junky, and Diet Coke Consumer.

what I shoot with:
• Nikon d850, z7ii and d750
• Several lenses but my favorites are the 105mm and 35mm

• I graduated with my BA in creative arts but I'm entirely self-taught in photography.

My favorite moment during the wedding day:
• when the bride & groom turn around after their first kiss and walk back down the aisle together. Woohoo!!

A photo that I haven't gotten to take yet but want to:
• The whole wedding party jumping into some kind of body of water! 

how I describe my editing style:
• true to life, bold, rich, crisp, alive, vibrant and fun

My favorite thing about being a photographer:
• Getting to connect with so many people from all walks of life
around the world & witnessing milestones. such a blessing!



inspired by the beauty of the creator, traveling the world, and pushing the limits of possibilities

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